What is coming in 2023 - Typescript & Dart

9 January 2023

2 min read

Web development

2023 is going to be an exceptional year for dart and typescript.

Many new releases, features, and improvements are already planned and coming next year.

Here are some of the most expected releases you should know about 👇

Typescript v5.0

Major release of Typescript with many new features 🎉

Above everything else, the compiler will be up to 25% faster 🚀

Dart v3.0

New major version of the dart language

Looking forward to required null safety and Patterns 🚀

This will be a game-changer 🤝

React: new hooks and documentation

The new documentation website for React is coming (currently in beta)

Meanwhile, new hooks are in development, like for example useEffectEvent

Coming in 2023? 🔜

Flutter: next major version?

Flutter Forward is coming on the 25th of January 🔜

A new major release? Stay tuned 🎙

fp-ts & effect-ts

The new fp-ts ecosystem is coming in 2023, joining forces with effect-ts 🚀

This will bring functional programming in typescript to the next level

XState v5.0

XState brings State Machines to state management

The next major version is coming soon, v5.0 🔜

fpdart v1.0 (?)

With Dart 3.0 and Patterns fpdart will become even more powerful

First stable version v1.0 coming next year? 🤔

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