Hi, my name is Sandro 👋

I am a General Purpose Developerâ„¢, specialized on frontend development and passionate about Functional Programming.

A General Purpose Developer™ is someone who is interested in programming in all its aspects, regardless of language, paradigm, or framework 💻

I am a huge supporter of Functional Programming. I used functional programming in Haskell, Scala, Scheme, Kotlin, Dart, and Typescript (fp-ts).

I am also the creator of fpdart, which brings functional programming in dart.

In my newsletter I share ideas, tutorials, articles, and code snippets about Functional Programming and Frontend Development. I work both on web and mobile, using Typescript + React and Dart + Flutter.

I am always up to date with the latest news, libraries, and secrets on these topics. I share these ideas on my newsletter 👇

When I find some interesting challenge I always push myself 100% to learn what's needed to achieve the desired result!

I am the result of all this challenges that I overcame over the years, starting when I was 12 years old.