Hi, my name is Sandro 👋

I am a Software Engineer by passion and profession, specialized in Frontend Development, teaching and practicing Functional Programming, and Open Source Developer 💻

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  • 🧱・Functional programming
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  • 👨‍💻・Dart & Typescript
    Programming is my passion, and Dart & Typescript are the languages I use the most

I'm learning functional programming through Sandro's wonderful descriptions [...] very amazing stuff, he writes really wonderful stuff [...] it's some brilliant work, I'm happy to promote him whenever I can

Randal Schwartz (Flutter GDE)

Now that's a quality article. Kudos. Thanks for posting. Subscribed to the newsletter as well.


GREAT article. Good job 👍🏽


What a great example. Excellent article


Thank you, this made repository pattern finally click


I am a huge supporter of Functional Programming. I used functional programming in Haskell, Scala, Scheme, Kotlin, Dart, and Typescript (fp-ts).

I am also the creator of fpdart, which brings functional programming in dart.

Every week I share new articles about everything that I learned, practiced, created and discovered.

As a professional developer I work both on web and mobile, using Typescript + React, Dart + Flutter, and effect-ts + fpdart for functional programming.

I am always up to date with the latest news, libraries, and secrets on these topics. I share these ideas on my newsletter 👇

Don't hesitate to contact me (Twitter) if your interests are similar to mine. The main purpose of my website is to share ideas and make new connections with interesting people 👋