Hi-I'm Sandro 👋.I write about code and programming.

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[How did I get here 👇]

My passion for technology started in 2012, when I discovered how to write code and create web and mobile applications, all on my own.

My first big project was a blog, where I was writing insights and tutorials about everything that I was learning.

I then started working as a freelancer, developing websites and mobile applications for personal clients.

I worked on my own startup called Nuklex, a web and mobile application for personal trainers.

During all this time I kept writing on my blog and developing open source software.

Here I share what I learned.

[And what I am currently learning 💁🏼‍♂️]


I write to refine and organize my thoughts, while also sharing my ideas online


Open source developer writing Typescript and Dart. Supporter of functional programming. Currently exploring Effect


Learning a new language expands your thinking (and writing) patterns, currently into Japanese 🇯🇵

You can read all here.

Every week I build a new open source project, with a new language or library, and teach you how I did it, what I learned, and how you can do the same. Join me and other 700+ readers.